Title The role of Southern Ocean in past, present and future climate; a strategy for the International Polar Year
Author Rintoul, S.R.
Author Affil Rintoul, S.R., CSIRO Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship, Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Other: CSIRO Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship, Australia
Source Antarctic and Southern Ocean; geoscientific and biological studies, edited by N. Khare, R. Ravindra and S.R. Rintoul. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 37(4), p.373-385, . Publisher: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi, India. ISSN: 0379-5136
Publication Date Dec. 2008
Notes In English. 45 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 87195. CRREL Acc. No: 64001347
Index Terms climate; climatic change; geochemical cycles; ocean currents; temperature; Southern Ocean; air; carbon dioxide; climate change; climate effects; current research; currents; geochemical cycle; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; ocean circulation; winds
Abstract The present study outlines a strategy for Southern Ocean climate research during the International Polar Year (IPY). The research is organized in five themes: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the global water cycle; Southern hemisphere teleconnections; Climate processes at the Antarctic continental margin; Climate - ecosystem - biogeochemistry interactions in the Southern Ocean; and Records of past Antarctic climate variability and change. To address these themes, an integrated IPY Southern Ocean observing system is needed. The observing system will include synoptic, multidisciplinary ocean transects; time series measurements; enhanced atmospheric measurements; and new paleoclimate data sets. The Southern Ocean IPY will leave a legacy of a targeted, affordable, sustained observing system and a circumpolar snap-shot to serve as a benchmark for the assessment of past and future change. The observations will inform development of models capable of improved projections of future change.
Publication Type journal article
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