Title Climate change and pastoral flexibility; a Norwegian Saami case
Author Reinert, H.; Mathiesen, S.; Reinert, E.
Author Affil Reinert, H., University of Edingburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Other: Saami University College, Finland
Source The political economy of northern regional development; Vol. 1, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, p.189-204, . Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, Denmark. ISBN: 978-92-893-2016- 0
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English. 42 refs. CRREL Acc. No: 64005717
Index Terms animals; climatic change; ecology; human activity; vegetation; Norway; biota; climate change; Europe; human ecology; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Education, Outreach and Communication Publications; land use; Scandinavia; Western Europe
Publication Type monograph
Record ID 301346