Title Contributions to the coastal and shelf ecosystem of maritime Antarctica, Admiralty Bay, King George Island; collected reprints
Author Rakusa-Suszcewski, S. (editor); Kopczynska, E. (editor); Krajewski, K. (editor); Tatur, A. (editor); Zdanowski, M. (editor)
Source 863p. . Publisher: Warsaw University Press, Warsaw, PolandıPolish Academy of Sciences, Department of Antarctic Biology. ISBN: 8323501033
Publication Date 2005
Notes In English. Individual papers are not cited separately Ant. Acc. No: 91136
Index Terms Antarctica--Admiralty Bay; Antarctica-- King George Island; Admiralty Bay; Antarctica; botany; climate change; coastal environment; conservation; continental shelf; ecology; ecosystems; environmental management; human activity; hydrology; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Education, Outreach and Communication Publications; King George Island; Scotia Sea Islands; South Shetland Islands; zoology
Abstract Collection of 54 articles and reports, most previously published in Polish and international journals, presents results of Polish research in Admiralty Bay from 1977- 2005. Includes sections on past and present climate; nutrients and fertilization of coastal ecosystem; flora; fauna; hydrography; trophochemoreception; human impacts; conservation and management; and functioning of geoecosystem. Articles contribute to research topics for International Polar Year 2007-08, with particular relevance to determination of present environmental status of polar regions by quantifying their spatial and temporal variability; and quantification and understanding of past and present environmental and human change in polar regions in order to improve reliability and quality of predictions.
Publication Type monograph
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