Title Post-peak (‹530 Ma) thermal history of Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica, based on Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd mineral chronology
Author Miyamoto, T.; Satish-Kumar, M.; Dunkley, D.J.; Osanai, Y.; Yoshimura, Y.; Motoyoshi, Y.; Carson, C.J.
Author Affil Miyamoto, T., Kyushu University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Fukuoka, Japan. Other: National Institute of Polar Research, Japan; Kyushu University, Japan; Chiba University, Japan; Shizuoka University, Japan; National Institute of Polar Research, Japan; Kochi University, Japan; Geoscience Australia, Australia
Source Geodynamic evolution of East Antarctica; a key to the east-west Gondwana connection, edited by M. Satish-Kumar, Y. Motoyoshi, Y. Osanai, Y. Hiroi and K. Shiraishi. Geological Society Special Publications, Vol.308, p.165-181, . Publisher: Geological Society of London, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0305-8719. ISBN: 978-1-86239-268-7
Publication Date 2008
Notes In English. 67 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 85819
Index Terms Antarctica--East Antarctica; Antarctica--Queen Maud Land; absolute age; Antarctica; Ar/Ar; dates; East Antarctica; geochemistry; gneisses; high-grade metamorphism; International Polar Year 2007- 08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; isochrons; lower Paleozoic; Lutzow-Holm Complex; major elements; metamorphic rocks; metamorphism; Paleozoic; Queen Maud Land; Rb/Sr; Sm/Nd; thermal history; U/Pb; U/Th/Pb
Abstract Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd mineral dating of metamorphic rocks from Skallen, Skallevikshalsen and Rundvagshetta, in the southwestern part of the Lutzow-Holm Complex, Dronning Maud Land, assists in constructing a thermal history after peak metamorphism. The results fall into two groups: (1) a record of regional cooling after peak metamorphism (524- 488 Ma); (2) local resetting 50-80 Ma after peak metamorphism (474-446 Ma). This grouping is consistently observed in published ages from various localities in the Lutzow-Holm Complex. A Sm-Nd age of 524 Ma is indistinguishable from published zircon and monazite ages. Ages of 511 and 488 Ma are related to cooling after peak metamorphism. The younger age group overlaps with ages of post-metamorphic magmatism and related hydrothermal activity reported from localities throughout East Antarctica. This intracontinental, post-orogenic igneous activity continued after the tectonic assembly of Gondwana.
URL http://hdl.handle.net/10.1144/SP308.8
Publication Type journal article
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