Title Holocene climate and glacier variability at Hallet and Greyling Lakes, Chugach Mountains, south-central Alaska
Author McKay, N.P.; Kaufman, D.S.
Author Affil McKay, N.P., Northern Arizona University. Department of Geology, Flagstaff, AZ
Source Late Holocene climate and environmental change inferred from Arctic lake sediment, edited by D.S. Kaufman. Journal of Paleolimnology, 41(1), p.143-159, . Publisher: Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands. ISSN: 0921-2728
Publication Date Jan. 2009
Notes In English. NSF grants ARC-0455043 and ARC-0318341. 48 refs. CRREL Acc. No: 63002921
Index Terms radioactive age determination; carbon isotopes; geochronology; glacial deposits; glaciers; isotopes; lacustrine deposits; lake deposits; metals; paleoclimatology; Quaternary deposits; radioactive isotopes; sediments; United States--Alaska--Chugach Mountains; absolute age; Alaska; alkali metals; C-14; carbon; Cenozoic; cesium; Chugach Mountains; cores; Cs-137; glacial environment; glaciolacustrine environment; Greyling Lake; Hallet Lake; Holocene; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; lacustrine environment; lake sediments; lead; lichenometry; lithostratigraphy; Medieval Warm Period; moraines; Neoglacial; paleoenvironment; paleotemperature; Pb-210; Quaternary; Southern Alaska; United States
URL http://hdl.handle.net/10.1007/s10933-008-9260-0
Publication Type journal article
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