Title Development and applications of Dome A- DEM in Antarctic ice sheet
Author Liu Jiying; Wen Jiahong; Wang Yafeng; Wang, W.; Cathso, B.M.; Jezek, K.C.
Author Affil Liu Jiying, Shanghai Normal University, Department of Geography, Shanghai, China. Other: NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center; Ohio State University
Source Chinese Geographical Science, 17(2), p.160-165, . Publisher: Springer for Science Press, Beijing, China. ISSN: 1002- 0063
Publication Date Jun. 2007
Notes In English. 20 refs. CRREL Acc. No: 66001020
Index Terms computer programs; computer applications; river basins; glacial geology; hydrology; ice sheets; topography; Antarctica- -Antarctic ice sheet; Antarctic ice sheet; Antarctica; applications; data processing; digital terrain models; Dome A; drainage basins; elevation; glacial features; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications
Abstract Dome A, the highest dome of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, is an area focused on by the international Antarctic community after the Chinese Antarctic Expedition finally reached there in 2005, and with the ongoing International Polar Year (IPY) during August 2007. In this paper two data processing methods are used together to generate two 100- m cell size digital elevation models (DEMs) of the Dome A region (Dome A-DEM) by using Cokriging method to interpolate the ICESat GLAS data, with Ihde-DEM as a constraint. It provides fundamental data to glaciological and geophysical investigation in this area. The Dome A-DEM was applied to determine the ice-sheet surface elevations and coordinates of the south and north summits, defining boundaries of basins and ice flowlines, deducing subglacial topography, and mapping surface slope and aspect in the Dome A region. The DEM shows there are two (north and south) summits in the Dome A region. The coordinate and the surface elevation of the highest point (the north summit) are 8021'29.86" S, 7721'50.29" E and 4092.711.43m, respectively. The ice thickness and sub-ice bedrock elevation at the north summit are 2420m and 1672m, respectively. Dome A region contains four drainage basins that meet together near the south summit. Ice flowlines, slope and aspect in detail are also derived using the DEM.
Publication Type journal article
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