Title Nauchnye issledovaniia v sisteme dogovora ob Antarktike--Scientific research in the Antarctic Treaty System
Author Gozhik, P.F.; Gurzhii, A.N.; Litvinov, V.A.
Author Affil Gozhik, P.F., Natsional'naia Akademiia Nauk Ukrainy, Kiev, Ukraine. Other: Akademiia Pedagogicheskikh Nauk Ukrainy, Ukraine; Natsional'nyy Antarkticheskii Nauchnyy Tsentr, Ukraine
Source Ukrayins'kii Antarktichnii Zhurnal = Ukrainian Antarctic Journal, Vol.8, p.25-38, . Publisher: Ukrayins'kii Antarktichnii Tsentr, Kiev, Ukraine. ISSN: 1727- 7485
Publication Date 2009
Notes In Russian and English. 3 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 88649
Index Terms Antarctica; Antarctic Treaty; international cooperation; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Education, Outreach and Communication Publications; programs; public policy; research
Abstract The report highlights the most important initiatives put forward by SCAR in the Concept "Antarctic Science in the XXI century". Taking into consideration that the Antarctic Science becomes increasingly complex and expanding in the geographical dimension, in the XXI century the international cooperation and partnership will be required in areas, such as: - Joint infrastructure and logistics; - Expanding of the geographical presence; - Joint research, technology, standardization of methods and measurement, international data bases and research results archives. The examples are given in what way the Antarctic Scientific Programs, in particular, of United States, Great Britain, Argentina, Ecuador ensure the national interests of these states in Antarctica and in the Antarctic Treaty System. The correlation is pointed between national (Ukrainian) Antarctic Programs with the research main orientations of the SCAR Concept for examples both of the State Program of Ukrainian Researches in Antarctic in 2002-2010 and the Concept draft of the new State Scientific-Technical Program of the Ukrainian Researches in Antarctica in 2011- 2020.
Publication Type journal article
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