Title Crystal size distribution of garnet in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses from the Lützow- Holm Complex at Skallen, East Antarctica
Author Goto, S.; Ikeda, T.
Author Affil Goto, S., Kyushu University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Fukuoka, Japan. Other: National Institute of Polar Research, Japan; Kyushu University, Japan; Chiba University, Japan
Source Geodynamic evolution of East Antarctica; a key to the east-west Gondwana connection, edited by M. Satish-Kumar, Y. Motoyoshi, Y. Osanai, Y. Hiroi and K. Shiraishi. Geological Society Special Publications, Vol.308, p.391-399, . Publisher: Geological Society of London, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0305-8719. ISBN: 978-1-86239-268-7
Publication Date 2008
Notes In English. 32 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 85830
Index Terms Antarctica--East Antarctica; Antarctica--Queen Maud Land; annealing; Antarctica; Cambrian; crystallization; crystals; East Antarctica; garnet group; gneisses; grains; histograms; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; Lutzow-Holm Complex; metamorphic rocks; nesosilicates; orthosilicates; Paleozoic; Queen Maud Land; shape analysis; silicates; size distribution; statistical analysis
Abstract Crystal size distributions (CSDs) of garnet in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses from the Lutzow-Holm Complex at Skallen, East Antarctica, indicate that significant annealing with Ostwald ripening did not take place even though the rocks underwent regional granulite-facies metamorphism with a peak phase of ultrahigh-temperature conditions. Absence of fluid as a result of the complete consumption of hydrous minerals during garnet-forming reactions could restrain intergranular diffusion and inhibit Ostwald ripening. Garnet-poor gneisses have experienced a single nucleation and growth event associated with a continuous garnet- forming reaction. In contrast, garnet-rich gneisses from the same outcrop have undergone additional garnet-forming reactions responsible for multiple stages of nucleation and growth.
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