Title Census of Antarctic marine life; synopsis of the Amphipoda of the Southern Ocean; Volume 1
Author de Broyer, C. (editor)
Author Affil de Broyer, C., Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Department of Invertebrates, Brussels, Belgium
Source Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique. Biologie, Vol.77(Suppl. 1), 325p. . Publisher: Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium. ISSN: 0374- 6429
Publication Date 2007
Notes In English. Individual papers within scope are cited separately. 935 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 83961
Index Terms Southern Ocean; Amphipoda; Arthropoda; biodiversity; biogeography; Crustacea; ecology; International Polar Year 2007-08; Invertebrata; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; Malacostraca; Mandibulata; marine environment; subantarctic regions
Abstract A catalogue of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic species of gammaridean and corophiidean amphipods (Crustacea: Peracarida: Amphipoda) is established including full synonymy, complete distribution records and bibliographical references. The catalogue comprised 815 described species (benthic, benthopelagic, pelagic, semi-terrestrial and ectoparasitic on whales) and 70 unidentified taxa. Among the described species, 536 occur in Antarctic waters south of the Polar Front and 407 in sub-Antarctic waters between the Polar Front and the Sub-Tropical Front zone (i.e. in the sub-Antarctic Islands sub-region and the Magellan sub-region of South America); 128 species are distributed in both regions. Detailed information on geographic and bathymetric distribution is given for all species, completed with the available habitat data. The catalogue is based on taxonomic and ecological literature (945 references) checked until 31 December 2005 and covered more than 7000 distribution records. Some unpublished species records from the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Brussels, Belgium), the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Bremerhaven, Germany), the Museum fur Naturkunde (Berlin, Germany) and the Laboratory of Polar Biology and Oceanobiology, University of Lodz (Poland) have been included.
Publication Type monograph
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