Title The thermal state of permafrost; the IPY-IPA snapshot (2007-2009)
Author Brown, J.; Kholodov, A.; Romanovsky, V.; Yoshikawa, K.; Smith, S.L.; Christiansen, H.H.; Vieira, G.; Noetzli, J.
Author Affil Brown, J., International Permafrost Association, Woods Hole, MA. Other: University of Alaska Fairbanks; Geological Survey of Canada, Canada; University Centre in Svalbard, Norway; University of Lisbon, Portugal; University of Zurich, Switzerland
Source Canadian Geotechnical Conference = Conference Canadienne de Géotechnique, Vol.63, p.1228-1234, ; Sixty-third Canadian geotechnical conference and 6th Canadian permafrost conference, Calgary, AB, Canada, Sept. 12-16, 2010, chaired by C. Kwok, R. Armstrong and J. Henderson. Publisher: Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada. ISSN: 0821-3763
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English with French summary. 26 refs. Ant. Acc. No: 90046. CRREL Acc. No: 65002556
Index Terms boreholes; climatic change; frozen ground; permafrost; temperature; thermal regime; Antarctica; Arctic region; climate change; global; International Polar Year 2007- 08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; monitoring
Abstract During the International Polar Year (IPY), the International Permafrost Association (IPA) coordinated the acquisition of standardized permafrost temperatures data (snapshot) under the Thermal State of Permafrost (TSP) Project. The current network consists of more than 860 boreholes in both hemispheres with more than 25 participating countries. (modif. auth. abstr.)
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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