Title The Antarctican Society newsletter; May
Author Antarctican Society, Arlington, VA
Source Antarctican Society Newsletter, 05- 06(4), p.1-8, . Publisher: The Antarctican Society, Arlington, VA, United States
Publication Date 2006
Notes In English Ant. Acc. No: 84770. CRREL Acc. No: 63000293
Index Terms climatic change; construction; global change; global warming; instruments; remote sensing; research projects; Antarctica--South Pole; Abercrombie, Tom; Antarctica; Aves; biography; census methods; Chordata; climate change; cosmic rays; IceCube Project; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Education, Outreach and Communication Publications; Macronectes giganteus; Procellariidae; programs; research; South Pole; telescopes; Tetrapoda; Vertebrata; zoology
Abstract Contents include obituary of first American photographer at South Pole, Tom Abercrombie; explanation for non-experts of the IceCube neutrino telescope under construction beneath ice at South Pole; review of recent research publications on global warming; report on satellite tracking of southern giant petrels at Palmer Station; and planning for 2007-08 International Polar Year.
Publication Type journal article
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