Title A year of discovery awaits
Author Allison, I.
Author Affil Allison, I., Australian Government Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia
Source Australian Antarctic Magazine, Vol.11, p.22-23, . Publisher: Australian Antarctic Division, Environment Australia, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia. ISSN: 1445- 1735
Publication Date 2006
Notes In English. Accessed on March 27, 2007 Ant. Acc. No: 81710
Index Terms Antarctica; biodiversity; biota; distribution; expeditions; government agencies; habitat; human activity; International Antarctic Institute; international cooperation; International Polar Year 2007-08; IPY 2007-08 Research Publications; marine environment; observatories; plateaus; polar regions; public health; research; solar activity; Southern Ocean
Abstract The International Polar Year gets underway in March 2007. Australia will play a key role in the IPY, coordinating the following projects: A census of Antarctic marine life, taking the Antarctic Arctic polar pulse, solar variability linkages to atmospheric processes, aliens in Antarctica, an international research expedition, astronomy from the polar plateau, the International Antarctic Institute, and climate of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
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Publication Type journal article
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