Title Mineral chemistry database for kimberlite, surficial sediments and kimberlite boulders from the Lake Timiskaming and Kirkland Lake kimberlite fields, Ontario and Quebec
Author McClenaghan, M.B.; Gauvreau, D.; Kjarsgaard, B.A.
Source Open-File Report - Geological Survey of Canada, No.5833 1 disc. Publisher: Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada
Publication Date 2009
Notes In English. Accessed on Aug. 10, 2011. 2 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309763
Index Terms chemical composition; computer applications; geochemistry; glacial deposits; glacial rivers; Quaternary deposits; sedimentation; sediments; soils; soil chemistry; surveys; Canada--Lake Timiskaming; Canada--Ontario; Canada--Quebec; boulders; Canada; Cenozoic; clastic sediments; data bases; data processing; Eastern Canada; eskers; fluvial environment; fluvial features; geochemical surveys; glacial environment; glacial features; glacial sedimentation; glaciofluvial environment; igneous rocks; kimberlite; Kirkland Lake; Lake Timiskaming; Ontario; Paleozoic; Precambrian; Quaternary; Quebec; samples; sand; till
URL http://geopub.nrcan.gc.ca/moreinfo_e.php?id=226433
Publication Type monograph
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