Title Gas in ice; a tale of dissolution, segregation and evasion during freezing and melting of H2O
Author Loose, B.
Source 137p. . Availability: Univ. Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI, United States. ISBN: 978-1-109-67385-2
Publication Date 2009
Notes In English. Ph.D. thesis. Ant. Acc. No: 91639. GeoRef Acc. No: 310228
Index Terms experimentation; freezing; ice; isotopes; melting; meltwater; oxygen; porosity; water; Antarctica--Ross Ice Shelf; Southern Ocean--Ross Sea; Antarctica; dissolved materials; dissolved oxygen; experimental studies; He-4; helium; isotope ratios; laboratory studies; neon; noble gases; O-18/O-16; Ross Ice Shelf; Ross Sea; sea ice; solution; Southern Ocean; stable isotopes
Abstract This dissertation uses measurements of dissolved, inert gases together with simple forward and inverse models to trace material fluxes between the hydrosphere and the cryosphere. The first chapter develops an estimate of glacial meltwater (GMW) concentration and export from beneath the Ross Ice Shelf by combining 4He, Ne and delta 18O, with temperature, salinity and O2 measurements in the Optimal Multi-Parameter formalism. The distribution of water masses at the ice shelf front, depict the presence of a meltwater plume in the eastern Ross Sea - - a feature that has not clearly been identified, but, in hindsight, is apparent in subsurface O2, Ne and delta 18O concentration. (mod. auth. abst.)
Publication Type monograph
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