Title Analysis of sea ice and snow thickness with use of infrared scanning [Opredelenie tolshchiny l'da i snega na l'du akvatorii po dannym infrakrasnogo zondirovaniia]
Author Lebedev, G.A.; Paramonov, A.I.
Author Affil Lebedev, G.A., Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Source Led i Sneg = Ice and Snow, 2(114), p.84-91, . Publisher: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, Association of Glaciological Studies, Moscow, Russian Federation. ISSN: 2076-6734
Publication Date 2011
Notes In Russian with English summary. 17 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309842
Index Terms computer applications; ice; remote sensing; snow; thickness; Arctic Ocean-- Barents Sea; Russia--Russian Arctic; algorithms; Arctic Ocean; Arctic region; Barents Sea; Commonwealth of Independent States; data processing; geophysical methods; infrared methods; numerical analysis; Russian Arctic; Russian Federation; satellite methods; sea ice; techniques
Publication Type journal article
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