Title Experimental study of effect of channel ground ice on river bank dynamics [Eksperimental'noe issledovanie vliianiia l'distosti gruntov, slagaiushchikh ruslo rek, na dinamiku beregovogo sklona]
Author Kotlyakov, A.V.; Gritsuk, I.I.; Maslikova, O.I.; Ponomarev, N.K.
Author Affil Kotlyakov, A.V., Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Water Problems, Moscow, Russian Federation. Other: Russian Peoples Friendship University, Russian Federation
Source Led i Sneg = Ice and Snow, 2(114), p.92-98, . Publisher: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, Association of Glaciological Studies, Moscow, Russian Federation. ISSN: 2076-6734
Publication Date 2011
Notes In Russian with English summary. 8 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 309841
Index Terms alluvium; channels (waterways); deformation; embankments; erosion; experimentation; ground ice; hydrology; ice; analysis (mathematics); rivers; sediments; slope stability; slopes; river flow; thawing; water erosion; channel geometry; channels; clastic sediments; dynamics; equations; experimental studies; fluvial features; geologic hazards; laboratory studies; land subsidence; mathematical methods; natural hazards; numerical analysis; physical models; streamflow
Publication Type journal article
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