Title Applicability of a mesoscale model to weather forecasting and during the winter season in Hokkaido
Author Hashimoto, A.; Hirakuchi, H.; Aso, T.
Author Affil Hashimoto, A., Central Research Institute of Electrical Power Industry, Japan
Source Seppyou Kenkyuu Taikai Kouen Youshishuu = Summaries of JSSI & JSSE Joint Conference on Snow and Ice Research, Vol.2009, Paper no. P1-17; JSSI and JSSE joint conference on Snow and ice research, Sapporo, Japan, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2009, Japanese Society of Snow and Ice. Publisher: Nihon Seppyou Gakkai and Nihon Yuki Kougakkai, Tokyo, Japan. ISSN: 1883- 0870
Publication Date 2009
Notes In Japanese GeoRef Acc. No: 308615
Index Terms meteorology; weather forecasting; winter; Japan--Hokkaido; Asia; Far East; Hokkaido; Japan; seasonal variations
URL http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jcsir/2009/0/38/_pdf
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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