Title Use of ice cores and dendrochronological data for analysis of climate change [Lednikovye kerny i dendrokhronologicheskie dannye kak istochniki informatsii ob izmeneniiakh klimata v istoricheskoe vremya]
Author Borzenkova, I.I.; Zhil'tsova, E.L.; Lobanov, V.A.
Author Affil Borzenkova, I.I., Hydrometeorological State Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Source Led i Sneg = Ice and Snow, 2(114), p.105-115, . Publisher: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, Association of Glaciological Studies, Moscow, Russian Federation. ISSN: 2076-6734
Publication Date 2011
Notes In Russian with English summary. 65 refs. GeoRef Acc. No: 310677
Index Terms aerosols; climate; climatic change; stratosphere; Antarctica--Antarctic ice sheet; Northern Hemisphere; annual variations; Antarctic ice sheet; Antarctica; Cenozoic; climate change; El Nino Southern Oscillation; eruptions; Holocene; ice cores; Neoglacial; Quaternary; sulfur dioxide; tree rings; volcanism
Publication Type journal article
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