Title Evolution of the Grand Etret Glacier (1999-2007) [Evoluzione del Ghiacciaio del Grand Etret (1999-2007)]
Author Bertoglio, V.; Cerise, S.; Motta, L.
Author Affil Bertoglio, V., Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, Italy. Other: Universita di Torino, Italy
Source Memorie della Societa Geografica Italiana, 87(2), p.333-340, ; II convegno nazionale A. I. Geo, Turin, Italy, March 28- 30, 2007, V. Agnesi. Publisher: Societa Geografica Italiana, Rome, Italy. ISSN: 0391- 5190
Publication Date 2009
Notes In Italian with English summary GeoRef Acc. No: 308659
Index Terms ablation; precipitation (meteorology); glacial geology; glaciers; glacier ablation; mass balance; snow; Alps; Italy--Piemonte; Italy--Valle d'Aosta; atmospheric precipitation; Europe; glacial features; Grand Etret Glacier; Grand Paradiso National Park; Italy; landform evolution; Piemonte Italy; Southern Europe; spatial variations; Valle d'Aosta Italy
Abstract The Valle d'Aosta (Italy), in spite of its importance between the alpine regions, has very few balances of mass available. The series of Grand Etret (Gran Paradiso Group, Western Alps), even if short, is therefore quite interesting. Since 1999, the mass balance is carried out within the framework of a co-operations agreement between Gran Paradiso National Park and University of Turin. The calculation is based on the direct measure of accumulation and ablation. The mass balance is negative in all year, except the 2000-2001 (+60104 t). The 1999-2007 total balance is negative (-464104 t). The snout's variations are similar in the same period; the retreat of the tongue is 68 m in the last 8 years.
Publication Type conference paper or compendium article
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