Title The status of Antarctica [Estatus de la Antártica]
Author Villalobos, M.A.V.
Source Chilean Antarctic; present and future [Antártica Chilena; presente y futuro]. Revista de Marina, 125(907), p.517-523. Publisher: Armada de Chile, Valparaiso, Chile. ISSN: 0034-8511
Publication Date 2008
Notes In Spanish GeoRef Acc. No: 309782
Index Terms Antarctica; Chile; Antarctic Treaty; associations; exploration; history; international relations; politics; South America; territorial claims
Abstract Opening presentation at seminar Antartica Chilena: presente y futuro by Admiral and former Commander-in-Chief of Chilean Navy provides overview of status of Antarctica. Topics discussed include Chilean territorial claim of 1940 and its historical background from royal grant of all lands south of Strait of Magellan to Pero Sanchez de la Hoz in 1539, to establishment in 2004 of Mayoralty of the Sea at Bernado O'Higgins station; Antarctic Treaty System; Chilean Antarctic organizations; and matters of concern to international community in general and Chileans in particular. (mod. journ. abst.)
Publication Type journal article
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