Title Interview; Rubens Junqueira Villela [Entrevista; Rubens Junqueira Villela]
Author Angelo, C.
Source Folha de S.Paulo, Vol.(22 March 2009), p.64-66. Publisher: Grupo Folha, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Publication Date 2009
Notes In Portuguese GeoRef Acc. No: 309165
Index Terms Antarctica; Antarctic Treaty; biography; Brazilian Antarctic Program; expeditions; history; international relations; programs; territorial claims; Villela, Rubens Junqueira
Abstract Interview with prominent meteorologist and first Brazilian in Antarctica in 1961. Includes comments on Brazilian motives in signing Antarctic Treaty; dispute over alleged intrusions into territory claimed by Argentina; first Brazilian Antarctic Expedition in 1982; and reasons for continued Brazilian presence and research in Antarctica.
Publication Type journal article
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