Title Ilmasto vaihtelee; voidaanko se lailla kieltaa?--The climate fluctuates; can it be prevented by law?
Author Seppala, M.
Source Tieteessa Tapahtuu, Vol.1, p.50-52. Publisher: Tieteellisten Seurain Valtuuskunta, Helsinki, Finland. ISSN: 0781- 7916
Publication Date 2007
Notes In Finnish and English GeoRef Acc. No: 309076
Index Terms Antarctica; Arctic region; climate change; currents; human activity; ice; ice shelves; legislation; melting; ocean currents; policy; preventive measures; sea ice; temperature
Abstract Comments on recent debate about human impact on rate of climate change. Notes effects of (e.g.) air temperature and ocean currents on Arctic Ocean's ice cover, and melting of Antarctic ice shelves, but argues that natural causes are responsible, and that human efforts to prevent change will have no effect.
Publication Type journal article
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