Title Institutions and national Antarctic policy [Institucionalidad y política Antártic nacional]
Author Cruz, M.L.C.
Source Chilean Antarctic; present and future [Antártica Chilena; presente y futuro]. Revista de Marina, 125(907), p.549-559. Publisher: Armada de Chile, Valparaiso, Chile. ISSN: 0034-8511
Publication Date 2008
Notes In Spanish GeoRef Acc. No: 309778
Index Terms Antarctica; Chile; Antarctic Treaty; government agencies; history; Instituto Antartico Chileno; international relations; planning; policy; politics; programs; research; South America; territorial claims
Abstract Overview of development of Chilean Antarctic policy since 1906, with particular reference to consolidation of Chilean territorial claim; 2006-2010 strategic plan for Antarctica and scientific research programs; involvement of various government departments in Antarctic policy making; and role of Chilean army, navy and air force in logistic and strategic support. (mod. journ. abst.)
Publication Type journal article
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