Title Geography of the world's rock glaciers [Geografiia kamennykh gletcherov mira]
Author Gorbunov, A.P.; Gorbunova, I.A.
Source 131p. Publisher: KMK. Tovarishchestvo Nauchnykh Izdanii, Moscow, Russian Federation. ISBN: 9785873176298
Publication Date 2010
Notes In Russian GeoRef Acc. No: 309653. CRREL Acc. No: 65006426
Index Terms climate; damage; fossils; frozen ground; geography; glaciers; lakes; landslides; mass movements (geology); terminology; permafrost; rock glaciers; tailings; thermokarst; United States--Alaska; Alps; Andes; Asia; Africa--Atlas Mountains; Canada; Greenland; New Zealand; North America; Antarctica--Ross Island; Russia; South Africa; Atlantic Ocean Islands--South Georgia; Antarctica--South Shetland Islands; Australia--Tasmania; Africa; Alaska; Antarctica; Arctic region; Atlantic Ocean Islands; Atlas Mountains; Australasia; Australia; Commonwealth of Independent States; debris flows; Europe; geologic hazards; mass movements; mine waste; morphology; mountains; natural hazards; nomenclature; North Africa; Ross Island; Russian Federation; Scotia Sea Islands; South America; South Georgia; South Shetland Islands; Southern Africa; Tasmania Australia; United States
Abstract Examines geography of rock glaciers in mountains of Eurasia, Africa, America, Antarctica, and adjacent islands, at mountain system, island, continent and state levels. Briefly characterizes morphology, structure, temperature regime, origin, dynamics, and evolution of active rock glaciers. Identifies, describes and analyzes fossil types. Discusses history of rock glacier research and problems of terminology. Pays special attention to technogenic rock glaciers (formed from mining waste, e.g.), whose movement can produce catastrophic landslides and mud flows. Estimates that 45,000 rock glaciers of all types exist. Influences include river ponding, lake formation and subsequent catastrophic debris flow, transformation into landslides and rockfalls, and damage to infrastructure and constructions from slow rock glacier movement.
Publication Type monograph
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