Title Fishing activity and seabird vessel attendance near the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Author Santora, J.A.; Dietrich, K.S.; Lombard, D.
Author Affil Santora, J.A., Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division, La Jolla, CA
Source Marine Ornithology, 37(3), p.241-244. Publisher: African Seabird Group, Rondebosch, South Africa. ISSN: 1018- 3337
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309905
Index Terms Antarctica--Antarctic Peninsula; Atlantic Ocean--South Atlantic; Southern Ocean; Antarctic Peninsula; Antarctica; Atlantic Ocean; Aves; Chordata; fisheries; South Atlantic; Tetrapoda; Vertebrata
Abstract Investigation of factors influencing number of seabirds attending research vessel during scientific trawling activities found that abundance of seabirds did not vary between fishing activities, although presence of discards caused increase in numbers of petrels and albatrosses. Most common seabirds attending vessel were black-browed albatross, cape petrel and Wilson's storm petrel; counts were made during non-fishing periods, net deployment, towing and retrieving; and other variables included pressure, wind speed and direction, and discards of fish and offal.
Publication Type journal article
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