Title Mitigation of seabird captures during hauling in CCAMLR longline fisheries
Author Reid, E.; Sullivan, B.; Clark, J.
Author Affil Reid, E., Birds Australia, BirdLife International Global Seabird Programme, Carlton, Victoria, Australia. Other: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, United Kingdom; MRAG, Marine Resources and Fisheries Consultants, United Kingdom
Source CCAMLR Science, Vol.17, p.155-162. Publisher: Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), International. ISSN: 1023- 4063
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309660
Index Terms Southern Ocean; Aves; Chordata; conservation; environmental effects; fisheries; human activity; mitigation; Pisces; preventive measures; protection; Tetrapoda; Vertebrata
Abstract Describes research involving scientific observers and fishing industry to develop effective seabird bycatch mitigation measures for use in longline fisheries, and to make recommendations for moving towards prescriptive advice on standard bird exclusion device (BED). Data suggest that key aspects of effective BEDs are that they provide deterrent to seabirds landing adjacent to line as it is being hauled; and that seabirds are deterred from swimming or jumping into area around hauling bay. CCAMLR Conservation Measure 25-02 has been amended to include advice on operational characteristics of effective BEDs and provide examples of suitable designs, particularly designs combining streamers hanging down to water and connected line of floats on surface.
Publication Type journal article
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