Title Penguins, models of genetic adaptation to polar environments [Les manchots, modèles d'adaptations géniques aux environnements polaires]
Author Raccurt, M.; Rey, B.; Degletagne, C.; Teulier, L.; Roussel, D.; Rouanet, J.L.; Duchamp, C.
Author Affil Raccurt, M., CNRS-Universite de Lyon, Laboratoire de Physiologie Integrative, Cellulaire et Moleculaire, Villeurbanne, France
Source Rapport d'activité - Institut Français pour la Recherche et la Technologie Polaires, Vol.2009-2010, p.28-30. Publisher: IFRTP, Plouzané, France. ISSN: 1283- 7598
Publication Date 2010
Notes In French GeoRef Acc. No: 309927
Index Terms Antarctica--Adelie Coast; adaptation; Adelie Coast; anatomy; Antarctica; Aves; Chordata; DNA; Eudyptes schlegeli; genetics; juvenile taxa; Neornithes; organic compounds; physiology; proteins; Pygoscelis adeliae; Sphenisciformes; Tetrapoda; Vertebrata; Wilkes Land
Abstract Overview of research on Adelie and king penguins, with particular reference to their adaptations, from whole body to gene, to polar environment. Includes development of energy reserves in Adelie chick during first weeks after hatching; and impact of nutritional state on expression and activity of avian mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (avUCP) in skeletal muscles of adult royal penguins.
Publication Type journal article
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