Title Report of the SOWER abundance workshop
Author Palka, D. (chairman)
Source The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, Vol.11(Suppl. 2), p.509-519. Publisher: International Whaling Commission, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ISSN: 1561- 0713
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309911
Index Terms Antarctica; Southern Ocean; Balaenoptera acutorostrata; Balaenopteridae; census methods; Cetacea; Chordata; Eutheria; Mammalia; population dynamics; report; Southern Ocean Whale Ecosystem Research Program; symposia; Tetrapoda; Theria; Vertebrata
Abstract Discusses analytical methods for use in abundance estimates of Antarctic minke whales, as part of Southern Ocean Whale Ecosystem Research programme.
Publication Type journal article
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