Title Continental Antarctic fungi
Author Onofri, S.; Zucconi, L.; Tosi, S.
Source 247p. Publisher: IHW Verlag, Munich, Germany. ISBN: 9783930167678
Publication Date 2007
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309654
Index Terms Antarctica; adaptation; biodiversity; biogeography; catalogs; climate; communities; description; ecology; endolithic taxa; fossils; fungi; habitat; history; living taxa; morphology; taxonomy
Abstract Comprehensive survey of biodiversity and ecology of continental Antarctic fungal community in its broadest sense, including Chromistans and fossil fungi, and distinguishing between potential mycoflora currently only present as viable propagules, and expressed mycoflora capable of growth under current conditions. Sections included macroclimate, microclimates and hot soils, and nanoclimate of rocks; overview of history of mycological research; potential pathogens; adaptations of fungi to continental Antarctic environment; and human impact. Taxonomic section contains records with descriptions of all filamentous fungi and yeasts reported from continental Antarctica, drawing in part on Culture Collection of Fungi from Extreme Environments (CCFEE) at Viterbo, Italy.
Publication Type monograph
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