Title Whaling in Japan; power, politics and diplomacy
Author Morikawa, J.
Source 170p. Publisher: C. Hurst, London, United Kingdom. ISBN: 9781850659846
Publication Date 2009
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309163
Index Terms Japan; Southern Ocean; Asia; associations; Far East; fisheries; international relations; International Whaling Commission; Japanese Whale Research Program Under Special Permit in Antarctica; policy; whaling industry
Abstract Examines gap between political myths and reality of Japan's whaling policy and discusses political and decision-making structures involved. Questions historical role of whale meat in Japanese diet, and discusses effect of resurgent Cold War politics in 1980s on acceptance of IWC ban on commercial whaling. Evaluates pro-whaling lobby within Japan, and use of economic assistance abroad to strengthen support for Japanese Whale Research Programme Under Special Permit in Antarctica at International Whaling Commission.
Publication Type monograph
Record ID 91181