Title Disease outbreaks among penguins at sub-Antarctic Marion Island; a conservation concern
Author Cooper, J.; Crawford, R.J.M.; de Villiers, M.S.; Dyer, B.M.; Hofmeyr, G.J.G.; Jonker, A.
Author Affil Cooper, J., University of Cape Town, Department of Zoology, Animal Demography Unit, Cape Town, South Africa. Other: Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa; University of Pretoria, South Africa; Western Cape Provincial Veterinary Laboratory, South Africa
Source Marine Ornithology, 37(3), p.193-196. Publisher: African Seabird Group, Rondebosch, South Africa. ISSN: 1018- 3337
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309907
Index Terms Indian Ocean Islands--Marion Island; Aptenodytes patagonicus; Aves; Chordata; conservation; diseases; Eudyptes chrysolophus; Indian Ocean Islands; Marion Island; Neornithes; Prince Edward Island Group; Sphenisciformes; Tetrapoda; Vertebrata
Abstract Reports death of 250-300 King penguins and estimated 5,000-10,000 macaroni penguins from unknown diseases in 1992 and 1993; and outbreak of avian cholera Pasteurella multicida during November 2004 which killed approximately 2,000 macaroni penguins at Kildalkey Bay colony on sub-Antarctic Marion Island. Describes procedures now being developed for reporting and dealing with such outbreaks.
Publication Type journal article
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