Title Estimating optimal observer coverage in the Antarctic krill fishery
Author Agnew, D.J.; Grove, P.; Peatman, T.
Author Affil Agnew, D.J., MRAG, Marine Resources and Fisheries Consultants, London, United Kingdom. Other: University of Reading, United Kingdom
Source CCAMLR Science, Vol.17, p.139-154. Publisher: Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), International. ISSN: 1023- 4063
Publication Date 2010
Notes In English GeoRef Acc. No: 309661
Index Terms Atlantic Ocean--South Atlantic; Atlantic Ocean Islands--South Georgia; Southern Ocean; Arthropoda; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean Islands; Chordata; conservation; Crustacea; Euphausiacea; fisheries; Invertebrata; krill; larvae; Malacostraca; Mandibulata; natural resources; Pisces; sampling; Scotia Sea Islands; South Atlantic; South Georgia; Vertebrata
Abstract Uses data for CCAMLR Subarea 49.3 in waters around South Georgia since 2002 to evaluate observer data, with particular reference to relationship between observer coverage and accuracy of parameters estimated from data on mean length of krill and fish larval by-catch rate; and number of years of data collected under partial sampling regime required before variance properties of derived quantities can be accurately partitioned. Results indicate that efficient sampling proportion should be 50% of vessels sampled each season, 20% of total season hauls sampled for krill and equivalent or higher sampling proportion for larval fish. CCAMLR Scientific Committee's method of systematic partial coverage appears to have been sufficient in South Georgia to determine appropriate observer coverage levels in that fishery, and data suggest that such strategies should be pursued for at least four years to amass sufficient date to determine appropriate sampling strategies in any particular area.
Publication Type journal article
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